FRA fights for veterans of the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard!

There is no law protecting your benefits and FRA worked diligently to prevent implementation of drastic health care fee hikes proposed by DoD for 2007 and annual enrollment fees for Priority Groups 7 and 8 veterans in the VA health care system.

FRA continues to:

• Fight for adequate funding for DoD and VA health care

• Work to ensure a seamless transition for active duty service members to veteran status

• Improve education benefits for veterans by fi ghting for a “Total Force” Montgomery GI Bill

• Expand concurrent receipt for disabled military retirees and many other pay and benefit enhancements addressed in FRA's extensive legislative agenda.

Read FRA Today each month and stay informed about what is happening legislatively and throughout the Association.

You Need FRA's Voice!

FRA's National Veteran Service Officer recently helped a Navy veteran cut through the red tape of a service connected disability compensation appeal, which had gone on more than 25 years. With FRA's help, the veteran had his 100% rating restored, resulting in back compensation of more than $40,000!

When you have a VA related issue — or any concerns about legislation, our expert staff is ready to serve you.

Thank you for fighting for liberty and justice for all. FRA is fighting for you!